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The Special Event Call Sign System meets the needs of amateur operators for temporary operation of their stations during events that are of special significance to the amateur service community.  A Special Event Call Sign is an amateur station call sign with a one-by-one call sign format that may be reserved for assignment to stations operating in conjunction with these short-term events.

The FCC has authorized the use of one-by-one format amateur radio station call signs for use during events of significance to the amateur community. Here is what the FCC has to say about One-by-One special event call signs. A special event call sign aids amateur radio operators in calling attention "on-air" to their participation in the event as well as helping to bring notice to the event. Examples of the use of one-by-one call signs by amateur stations include a wide variety of celebrations such as conventions, festivals, dedications and anniversaries ...even local events qualify.

A one-by-one call sign consists of a single prefix letter (K, N, or W), the region number (0 to 9), and a single suffix letter (A to Z, except the letter X). There are 750 such call signs. Amateurs of any license class may reserve a 1x1 call sign for up to 15 days. Once you reserve the call sign, you simply substitute the self-selected 1x1 call sign for your FCC-assigned call sign. Be sure to read the 1x1 call sign Frequently Asked Questions.

A One-by-One Database has been established so that you can determine which 1x1 call signs are available during specific dates. Coordinators have also been selected by the FCC to approve and post 1x1 call sign reservations to the database.

NOTE: The new FCC application FEEs do not apply to 1x1 Callsigns

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